Dams Reception Seating


The stylish and highly functional range of leather reception seating is beautifully crafted to comfortably
accommodate all users regardless of their shape and size, offering the kind of deep, resilient, comfortable
cushioning that invites visitors to sink in and feel at ease.
Black leather sofas are an outstanding example of good taste and have a classic, timeless design which
will make a great first impression in any reception area, breakout zone or other community spaces

Leather range

Upholstered reception and soft seating are designed to bring a more varied approach to
social areas and help to create relaxed working environments where people can go for some
time away from their desk, meet and collaborate or bring their laptop with them to work away
from the distractions of phones and colleagues.
The reception area is also considered by many to be one of the most important parts of an
office when it comes to impressing new clients, and we can offer a huge choice of colours,
fabrics and styles that can be used to bring the corporate palette into the office interior,
create a cohesive look or even zone different areas.

Fabric range