Solution Social Spaces Furniture

JAZZ Silent Box  Social Spaces Furniture– is a silent zone in your work environment for: meetings, development of ideas, individual work or just for recreation. JAZZ Silent Box consists of acoustic walls, filled with sound-absorbing materials and two poufs (left and right) with brackets.

Designers Christina Strand ir Niels Hvass | Denmark

Design – Christina Strand and Niels Hvas (Denmark). 

Acoustic wall carcass is made of raw chipboard and medium density fibreboard, covered with a special form of foam from outside and with acoustic foam from inside. Walls are upholstered with felt „VELITO PRESTO”, poufs and cushions – „ VELITO“, fabrics made in Lithuania

Solution Social Spaces Furniture is exclusive to the Office Furniture Centre, call for more information on  0141 556 7600 or visit our 25,000 sq. ft. showroom